Pap Smear Provider Course

The Pap Smear Provider Course develops the essential knowledge and skills required by nurses in general
practice to provide Pap smears and preventive health checks for women on behalf of a GP under Medicare Item
10994/5. Enrolled Nurses and Aboriginal Health Workers with appropriate skills and experience are also eligible to attend.

The course meets the National Standards for Nurse Pap Smear Providers and covers some, but not all, aspects of preventive health checks in Medicare Item 10994/5. Preventive health issues included in the Pap Smear
Provider Course:

  • Taking a women's health history
  • Screening for chlamydia
  • Breast awareness education
  • Continence advice and education

The Pap Smear Provider Course does not cover:

  • Advice on contraception or postnatal issues
  • Taking a full sexual history
  • Checks for sexually transmissible infections, other than chlamydia and gonorrhoea

The Pap Smear Provider Course is designed for working with well women only, and assumes that the GP is
available for immediate referral. Wherever possible, nurses providing cervical screening are encouraged to
complete at least the theory component of the Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health (Nursing), in order
to be able to provide more comprehensive and holistic sexual health nursing care. The Pap Smear Provider
Course can be counted towards completion of this Certificate course at a later date.

The Pap Smear Provider Course consists of a theory component of 25 contact hours plus self directed learning
and a clinical practicum of 21 hours. All participants completing both components of the Pap Smear Provider
Course will be entitled to a certificate from FPWA Sexual Health Services, and Registered and Enrolled Nurses are also eligible to apply for the Certificate of Competence as a Nurse Pap Smear Provider from the WA Cervical
Cancer Prevention Program (WACCPP).

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