Working with Aboriginal People

FPWA works to promote sexual and reproductive health in Aboriginal people and communities through a range of capacity building strategies, including employment and development of Aboriginal staff and working in partnership with Aboriginal people and organisations. We deliver a range of training courses and programs for Aboriginal professionals, community members and other professionals working with Aboriginal people. FPWA Educators, including Aboriginal Educators, are available for delivery of sexual health education programs for Aboriginal young people and community groups.

Mooditj Program

Mooditj is a very popular and award-winning sexual health and positive life skills program for Aboriginal young people aged 11-14 years. Mooditj helps young people learn about identity, puberty, emotions and feelings, relationships, sexual health, being a parent, and assists them to identify and work towards goals and dreams. Mooditj was developed by FPWA in collaboration with Aboriginal people from all over WA. Click on the image below for more details.

In the metro area, FPWA Educators can come and run a Mooditj program for young people in your community or school. Better still, come to Mooditj Leader Training and learn to run a Mooditj Program yourself! FPWA may be able to assist with resources and Educators to work alongside you while you build your confidence.

Mooditj Leader Training is a four-day course that builds the knowledge, skills and confidence to run Mooditj groups for young people. The training is interactive and fun. It is designed for Aboriginal community members or anyone who works with Aboriginal young people in their community. Non-Aboriginal people are expected to partner with an Aboriginal person to run Mooditj.

Nuts and Bolts of Sexual Health - more than just the plumbing

This three day course is FPWA's core sexual health training program, designed to develop the fundamental knowledge, attitudes and skills required to support and inform people around sexual health issues. It has a particular focus on working with young people, including Aboriginal young people.

Nuts and Bolts is relevant for a wide range of people working in the community including youth workers, health workers, social and emotional wellbeing or mental health workers, drug and alcohol workers, health promotion officers, nurses, teachers and peer educators.

Metropolitan Capacity Building Project

This project aims to increase the capacity of Aboriginal community members and organisations in the metropolitan area to promote sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing. FPWA aims to build relationships with community organisations to increase mutual awareness and understanding, and consider possibilities for working together.

FPWA can offer:

  •  Presentations to staff to raise awareness of sexual and reproductive health issues
  • Assistance with sexual health promotion activities, e.g. providing an information stall or resources 
  • Education sessions or short programs on relationships and sexual health topics for young people or other community members, e.g. puberty, contraception, STIs, respectful relationships
  • Mooditj programs for young people
  • Subsidies for staff to access FPWA training courses
  • On-site training for staff to build their skills to talk about relationships and sexual health. This could include Mooditj Leader Training, Nuts and Bolts or shorter customised training. 
  • FPWA Educators to support staff to deliver sexual health education programs.

FPWA has some funding to contribute to costs. The partner organisation may be required to make a contribution for some programs.

For further information, contact the Project Officer, Julie Potter, at

Aboriginal Educator Program
The Aboriginal Educator Program is an on-the-job training program designed to skill Aboriginal people as sexual health educators. It has been running since 2001, funded by the WA Department of Health. The program employs a male and female Aboriginal person for a two year period. By the end of the two years, the Aboriginal Educators are expected to have the skills to run sexual health education and health promotion activities in the community, and to take a significant role in training Aboriginal people and other professionals working with Aboriginal people in sexual health.

Past employees of the Aboriginal Educator Program are employed in key positions promoting sexual health and wellbeing in the community. If you are interested in employment as an Aboriginal Educator at FPWA, please contact the Manager of Education and Training, Robyn Wansbrough, at

For Pilbara Community Capacity Building Project and Statewide Capacity Building Project ( including Sexual Health Network and WA Aboriginal Sexual Health Forum) please click here


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